We offer sessions online and in-person for forensic healing and Reiki.

I have seen many clients across the world and have had the pleasure of working with many people and watching their lives transform.

Woman smiling at camera sitting on a couch

After my first forensic healing session with Aga my migraines attacks have drastically reduced in frequency and pain is not as severe as it used to be. Aga helped me to cut negative energy cords with a toxic person in my family leaving me feeling safe and protected.

Understanding the causes of my conditions and their patterns gave me the power to change the future outcome. I am so grateful, and I can’t recommend Aga enough. Thank you so much!

Kate C

Warsaw, Poland

I had a positive experience with Agnieszka as I received two reiki treatments, one in-person, and the other by distance, in my home. The in-person treatment was a beautiful experience for me. Aga used a holistic approach with invigorating scents, relaxing music, tuning forks and healing rods to realign my energy and restore my sense of balance. I walked away from this session feeling uplifted, with a release of lower vibration energy and a feeling of lightness.

The distance reiki healing was also valuable to help me recentre myself in the comfort of my own home, whilst Aga undertook the healing at a given time. I used this session to unwind after a busy work week and release my limiting thoughts. I gained greater mental clarity in the coming days as this session was also uplifting and left me feeling physically balanced.

Thank you Aga for sharing your healing gift. I would highly recommend Aga’s reiki practice to anyone wishing to restore their sense of balance and energy.

Patricia K

Sydney, Australia

I have had a few sessions of forensic healing with Aga and each time she clearly identified the underlying issues which were stopping me from letting go of my past and moving forward with my life.

I am now more empowered and confident about my future. If you feel stuck in any area of your life, Aga is the best person to help you.

Aneta R

Melbourne, Australia

You have no idea how amazing I feel!! What you did to me yesterday is AMAZING!! I had the best night sleep and feel so calm. Thank you thank you thank you the Reiki session!!!

Sarah F

Sydney, Australia

Thank you, Agnieszka, for a powerful forensic healing session. After only one session I have started feeling amazing, gained clarity and experienced shift in my consciousness. You addressed my issue perfectly and during the session you made me feel safe and supported which help me enormously to be open with you and myself. Thank you so much for your help.

Kristina S

Sydney, Australia