Agnieszka Mozer

I facilitate powerful transformation so that you can experience more balance and alignment and improve your health and wellbeing.

Using a range of healing practices, I help you to heal your past patterns to improve your present and empower your future. Working with your energy field and subconscious mind I release energy blocks that are standing in the way of you living your most fulfilled life and reaching your highest potential.

Holding a Bachelor of Social Work and a Masters in Sociology, I blend a passion for community and our connected wisdom, with a caring heart. As a Certified Life Coach with Certificates in Coaching Theories, Trauma-Informed Coaching and Manifestation, I am committed to guiding you towards self-discovery, ensuring a holistic and supportive approach to your healing journey.

Working with the subconscious mind and understanding the depths of human experiences is a passion of mine, leading me to study Quantum Advanced Practices, Root-Cause Therapy, and a Diploma in Forensic Healing. I am also an NLP Practitioner & Coach, Hypnosis Practitioner, Emotional Change Technique Practitioner, and Emotion Code Practitioner. I draw on diverse tools to cater to your unique needs.

I am also a Reiki Master and Akashic Records Reader, tapping into ancient healing wisdom and I am currently delving into the wonderful intricacies of Human Design and Gene Keys. 

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