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It’s time to rebalance to feel like yourself again.

Welcome to a space dedicated to your journey of self-discovery and personal growth.  Through my journey of self-exploration, training, and healing. Now I am here to guide you to connect with your inner wisdom and trust it so you can heal and feel like yourself again. 

About Us

I support clients to overcome their limitations,  recognize and understand their behavioral patterns, and find their unique expression where a whole new world of freedom and possibilities lies.

Using a range of healing modalities, I help you to heal from your past, master your present, and empower your future. Working with your energy field and subconscious mind I identify and release all the blocks that are standing in the way of you living your most fulfilled life and reaching your highest potential.

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Rebalance 90

The body remembers what your conscious mind chooses to forget. If you are experiencing anxiety, emotional overwhelm, feeling stuck, or other physical issues, the body keeps the score and to heal we need to find the root cause of our illness and address it accordingly.

Rebalance 90 is a powerful 90-minute session that assists clients in getting to the root cause of their current symptoms.

Rapid Transformation Program

Break through your emotional patterns and take your life to the next level to live with more calm, alignment, and joy. I will authentically connect with you and be a guide on your transformation journey.

Work with me if you are ready to discover your heart’s true desires, what you really want out of life and to create awareness and take action, ready for big emotional shifts to occur.

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Woman smiling at camera sitting on a couch

Meet Agnieszka

I am the founder of Rebalance Holistic Healing  and I’m a passionate coach, holistic healing practitioner and facilitator who loves to assist clients on their transformation journey. I can help you to experience more balance, ease and joy in your life.